The Winter Carnival of Magic is hosted by IBM Ring 58. It is held early in March at the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Each year the three day convention features several lectures, a dealer's room, a close up competition, a stage competition and two evening shows.

March 3 - 5, 2016


The latest schedule is now available: Winter Carnival of Magic 2016 Schedule

We are pleased to announce an added Extra Charge event! Danny Orleans and David Kaye will be conducting a Kid Show Workshop on Sunday, March 6th from 11am - 3pm EDT. The cost is $90 per person, and is limited to the first 20 paid attendees. You may pay by check or cash at the Registration Desk. To reserve your seat, please send an email to kid-show-workshop@wintercarnivalofmagic.com

Our first flyer will appear in the November Linking Ring. You can see it here: November Linking Ring Flyer (PDF).

We are pleased to announce several performers for this year: Kyle Knight and Mistie, Eric Buss, David Regal, Hiawatha, Silly Billy, Danny Orleans & Jan Rose, Chris Mitchell, Ivan Pecel, Joe M. Turner, Dr. Larry Hass, and DJ Nel.

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To register for the convention, or to purchase tickets for either of the public shows, contact the Country Tonite Theatre at 1-865-453-2003.

Magicians and Families
ConventionOne Day
Age 10-16
Under 10

*A Companion registration may only be purchased with an adult magician's registration. The companion must be the magician's spouse, parent, or child over the age of 10. A companion registration entitles the person to attend all convention activities. Optionally you may purchase a public show ticket (rates below) which allows access only to the public show for the night it is purchased.

Public Show Tickets

Valid for Friday OR Saturday night show ONLY
Adults and Children 10+: $20
Children Under 10: $7

Dealer Room Passes

We do not issue passes for guests wishing only to enter the dealer room. To gain access to the dealer room, you must register for the entire convention or for a one day pass.


Country Tonite Logo
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Since 2005, the Winter Carnival of Magic has been held at the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This is a large and modern theater with a raked [sloping] plush seating arrangement and broadway style lighting.

The Theatre is located on the east side of the main parkway, just south of the Hatfield and McCoy and WonderWorks Theatres and North of Teaster Lane.